As an entrepreneur or SME, if you need capital to start or expand your business, you will likely turn to a bank for a loan, but did you know there are alternative options? Banks can offer short or long term business loans as well as funding for specific projects, but you may not be in a position to apply for a loan. In this case you could turn to an Angel Investor, a Venture Capital firm or Crowdfunding.

Angel investors are individuals who support a business financially, investing their private capital in small and/or new enterprises. Typically these funds are a source of seed capital, money needed to start a business, covering the initial operating expenses. Venture capitalists generally invest larger amounts in companies wishing to expand, usually referred to as growth or expansion capital. Both types of investors will take into account their ROI (return on investment) and may invest in exchange for shares or a seat on the board of your company. Another avenue you may wish to explore for capital is crowdfunding. This involves raising funds through the contributions of a large number of people, usually via specialist websites.

On this site you will find information about these types of funding, how you can go about accessing them, and why you should list your business here for potential investors to find. If you are an investor wishing to support entrepreneurs and SMEs, find out how and why you should provide your information here, and state what type of businesses you are keen to support so that entrepreneurs can find you. We also encourage investors to share their expertise and experience and sign up to be a mentor to help new businesses thrive. We are here to provide a platform to facilitate the connection of investors and entrepreneurs.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to find an alternative to a bank loan to start or expand your business; or an investor looking to support entrepreneurs and SMEs in Mauritius and Rodrigues, through finance and/or mentorship, sign up today, so that we can work together to support entrepreneurs and SMEs to succeed.

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