If you have decided to sign up for a listing on this site as an investor or entrepreneur, take the next step by following the step by step procedures. In both cases we will ask you to sign a bilateral non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that protects both sides from revealing any information without mutual agreement. Once the NDA is signed:

As an entrepreneur/startup; we request information about you, the business idea, pitch and even better a business plan that you would share with an investor. Before we share it, we will review and discuss the concept, finance, and other relevant subjects to ensure that you have solid documentation. As an entrepreneur, this gives you peace of mind that your business ideas will not be divulged and not shared before they are of the standard expected by an investor.

As an investor; we will list your profile under a pseudonym to ensure your anonymity and that you will not be contacted by entrepreneurs, startups or businesses that have not been pre-vetted by MYP. Generally, MYP will not forward any business concept without a good solid business plan, where we have verified documentation and figures to the best of our ability. However, in some cases the business idea may be so unique and interesting and the entrepreneur does not have the skills or funds create a business plan, in which case; MYP will compile a brief that is sent to the investor.

Entrepreneurs also have the option to remain anonymous if they wish to do so.


We provide investment information and facilitate connections between investors and entrepreneur.


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